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Maka NB Series Kits

Replacement Kits for old Maka NB Series Bill Validators
***** Be sure to read this information *****

Updating an old Maka bill validator is more challenging than most other makes. Usually this is caused, not by the interface, but how the unit mounts in the vending machine. Old Polyvend, Lance and USI machines used a non industry standard mounting system. If you have one of these units with a non standard front plate, consider that you may have to be a bit creative to mount a new style validator. If your machine has a standard bezel, the update should be easy.


USI machines also use a special harness that can only be purchased from Vend-Net. We can get them, but it will be cheaper if you deal directly with them. You will need your machine model number and the type of bill acceptor you plan to use. VendNet toll free number is 888-836-3638. This is for USI machines only.